The joints of the hands and feet hurt - what to do?

Among the world's population, joints occupy one of the first places. A very large number of people experience pain in the joint tissues and are unable to perform physical work. It's no secret that with age, significant changes occur in the joint apparatus. Often the damage is irreversible. Under no circumstances should the disease be allowed to spread. It is necessary to improve the symptoms of the disease with complex treatment and physiotherapy - in this case, the joints begin to work better and the pain disappears.

Many people experience pain in the joints of their hands and feet

In medicine, pain in the joint capsule is called "arthralgia". The disease reduces a person's ability to work and prevents them from doing household chores at home. Arthralgia is a symptom of many joint diseases. Osteoarthritis, gout, rheumatoid arthritis, arthritis and trauma all cause pain.

Arthralgia is associated with an inflammatory process. Often the pain is accompanied by swelling and redness of the skin. A person suffering from arthralgia feels relief only with complete rest. With joint disease, the limbs can become numb and their mobility is often limited. How can you overcome the disease and make your joints fully functional and painless?

Pharmaceutical treatment

Complex medical treatment results in the use of external ointments, tablets, antibiotics and analgesic injections. Often, the doctor prescribes chondroprotective drugs that improve the condition of the cartilage and restore the joint capsule.

The inflammatory process in the joints requires the use of factors that prevent the spread of disorders and degenerative changes in the subchondral tissue. The treatment of the disease depends on its nature. When there is joint swelling, the severity of the procedure can make the joint swelling worse. In this case, you need to undergo a full diagnosis to find out the cause of the pain.

The pain syndrome can cause metabolic disorders in the ligaments and tendons. In such a situation, calcifications accumulate. Violation of salt deposits leads to pain. Bone growths also cause excruciating pain. They make it difficult for the elements of the joint to slide and prevent its normal functioning. As a result, the person loses his ability to work.

In the complex treatment of arthropathy and other joint diseases, the following are prescribed:

  1. Anti-inflammatory drugs and analgesics - drugs relieve swelling, eliminate pain and improve the functionality of the joint capsule. Medicines are used locally - a small amount of the product is applied to the painful area 2-3 times a day.
  2. Antibiotics are used if the cause of the arthralgia is an infection. The products cannot be used in treatment without a medical prescription. Antibiotics relieve inflammation in the joint, help fight tumors in rheumatoid arthritis, and prevent joint deformity.
  3. Cytostatics and steroid hormones are prescribed for the autoimmune process, act at the site of inflammation and promote recovery.
  4. Cartilage protectors - prescribed for polyarthritis, osteoarthritis.
  5. Intra-articular injections - hormonal anti-inflammatory drugs are injected into the joint cavity.

Various painkillers and anti-inflammatory ointments are used to eliminate joint pain. A drug containing phenylacetic acid derivatives has proven itself well in treatment. The ointment is quickly absorbed, its components bind to blood proteins. Apply the ointment to the problem area 3-4 times a day. The drug is used with caution in case of exacerbation of kidney diseases. A transdermal patch is used to relieve joint pain. The drug is contraindicated during pregnancy and lactation.


For joint pain, electrophoresis therapy is widespread. This physiotherapy technique allows you to eliminate the inflammatory process, pain and improve joint mobility. Electrophoresis helps prevent the development of complications of the disease and eliminate the pathology in the initial stages. The method is mild and has no negative effect on the human body. Electrophoresis is also called iontophoresis. The treatment method is based on the effect of direct current, which ensures the supply of the necessary medicinal substances at the point of inflammation.

Electrophoresis therapy has a vasodilating, relaxing and analgesic effect. The method helps to resolve the infiltrates and the accumulation of the drug in the tissues of the joints. The main indications for electrophoresis are the following joint diseases:

  • knee arthrosis;
  • transphalangeal osteoarthritis;
  • hip dysplasia;
  • damage to elbows and shoulders;
  • damage to the ankle joint.

Local administration of painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs ensures rapid elimination of the inflammatory process and recovery. Exposure to UHF stimulates blood flow, enhances blood microcirculation and activates the necessary recovery processes in the joint capsule. The treatment provides excellent pain relief and in some cases completely restores the patient's ability to work. Low intensity exposure to the UHF device helps eliminate free radicals. The technique is often combined with the injection of a vasodilator into the joint. Physical therapy can increase the remission period of joint diseases.

Joint treatment must be comprehensive. Physiotherapy procedures also include UV radiation, therapeutic baths, magnetic therapy and paraffin baths. Electrophoresis can be replaced by ultrasound. Under its action, drug ions are quickly delivered to the joint tissue. High-frequency sound waves have a positive effect and enhance metabolism in the joint apparatus.

Magnetotherapy is a physiotherapeutic method of joint treatment based on the effect of magnetic eddy currents. Magnetic Vortex Fluxes:

  • warm the tissues of the joints.
  • improving blood and lymph flow in the joint apparatus.
  • stabilization of vascular tone.
  • relieve inflammation;
  • eliminates pain.

Magnetotherapy has a beneficial effect on the rheological properties of blood masses. Physiotherapy procedures trigger the necessary recovery reactions in the body of a sick person and improve the metabolic process. The method has a small number of contraindications. Physiotherapy cannot be done if there is a tumor, tuberculosis, epilepsy or pregnancy.

Infrared laser therapy is a method that helps improve joint health. Physiotherapy procedures are usually carried out daily. At first, their intensity is regulated by a doctor. The laser has a positive effect on the state of the articular apparatus. The method is effective for diseases of the spine, cervix and lumbar region. The laser reduces the sensitivity of the nerve root, which helps reduce pain in the lower back, neck and back.

Massage is also used for arthropathy. It helps to warm the joint tissue and improve the blood supply. Various movements of kneading, stroking, rubbing are used. Massage stabilizes the tone of the blood vessels of the joint capsule, improves blood supply to the entire ligamentous apparatus.

The use of radon and hydrogen sulfide baths has a beneficial effect on the painful joint. The procedures help eliminate pain, improve blood supply to the joint and cause regenerative reactions in the aching body. During the bath, blood circulation in the joint apparatus is normalized.

Ozokerite therapy has become a new step in the treatment of joint pain. The method is based on the effect of ozokerite. This petroleum product contains beneficial essential oils, mud and resins. The substances have a strong therapeutic effect on the diseased tissue of the joint. Ozokerite has a warming effect and is used in the form of applications on the affected area of the body. Physiotherapy is a treatment prescribed by the attending physician. It should definitely be used for the complete elimination of joint diseases.

Traditional methods

Traditional medicine and herbal therapy are effective helpers in eliminating joint pain. Traditional recipes help to avoid surgery and restore the health of diseased joints. There are several treatment options:

Traditional treatment of joint pain using medicinal herbs
  1. Treatment with a plant such as cinquefoil helps well. The herb perfectly relieves pain, restores the structure of cartilage and bones and prevents salt deposition. The treatment uses the dried root of the herb. Take a tablespoon of raw materials, pour boiling water and leave it in a water bath. Take the infusion three times a day after meals. The herb itself is also used in treatment. It is crushed, poured with 150 ml of alcohol and infused for three weeks. The tincture is diluted with drinking water before use. Take the product one tablespoon three times on an empty stomach.
  2. An ointment can be made from the rhizome of cinquefoil to treat joints. To do this, crushed vegetable raw materials are seasoned with melted lard. The mixture is heated over a fire while stirring. The herbal medicine is heated for four hours and then cooled. Store the ointment in the refrigerator. Before applying to the problem area of the body, the product is slightly heated.
  3. Burdock root is also suitable for treating joint pain. They are harvested in the 2nd year of the plant's life. So that the root does not lose its bioactivity, it is not washed. Before use, the rhizomes are cleaned, crushed and boiled. The broth is covered and allowed to boil. Drink 1/3 cup of the product. It can also be used as a compress.
  4. A mixture based on lemon and celery helps remove harmful substances from the affected joint and initiates recovery. The lemon with the zest must be rolled in a meat grinder along with the roots and celery leaves. The mixture is infused for seven days, the cake is squeezed and a small amount of honey is added. The resulting product is stored in the refrigerator. The drug is taken orally in a tablespoon. The mixture thoroughly cleans the joint and regenerates its structural tissues.
  5. Wash the potatoes with the skin, cut the product into pieces, add water and cook for more than an hour. The decoction is filtered and taken three times a day on an empty stomach for about 2 weeks.

To improve the condition of joint tissues, it is useful for the elderly to eat bran. They remove toxins from the body, purify the lymph and blood. Bran porridge is consumed in the morning on an empty stomach. The course of taking the drug is at least 1 month. During this time, the joints are cleansed of harmful toxins and their mobility is improved.

A good remedy for treating joints is bay leaf. A decoction is prepared from this dried plant - take about 20 leaves, boil them, infuse and take throughout the day. The product is distributed in several doses.

Golden mustache ointment effectively eliminates salt deposits and is used for arthritis and gout. The product is made from the juice of the plant, which is squeezed from the crushed plant. Baby cream or petroleum jelly is added to the vegetable juice. The product is rubbed on the problem part of the body 1-2 times a day. The mass can also be used as a compress. The product is applied to gauze, applied to the sore spot, bandaged and left for about an hour.

Power supply

Proper nutrition plays an important role in the treatment of joint diseases. To improve the condition of cartilage tissue, it is useful to consume jelly meat, aspic. These dishes help to restore synovial fluid and slow down the development of arthrosis. The jelly contains many useful substances, collagen and proteins. They improve the composition of human cartilage and bones and restore the ligamentous apparatus. The substances contained in the jelly prevent the thinning of cartilage and bones, their deformation and the development of the inflammatory process. Other dishes containing gelatin are also suitable for the treatment of joint diseases.

The source of collagen needed for joints is chicken cartilage. It contains useful protein compounds that replenish collagen reserves in the human body. On an empty stomach in the morning you need to consume a spoonful of ground chicken cartilage. The medicine can be washed down with orange nectar. Also, to improve joint function, they use this drug - they boil chicken knees for a long time. Drink a decoction of chicken legs daily in small amounts. The broth is diluted with water.

Comprehensive treatment and proper nutrition will help to achieve stable remission of joint diseases and long-term relief from pain in the knees, elbows, fingers, back and neck.